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When I recently told my friends and family that I will be traveling to Uzbekistan most of them were surprised and asked me why there? And then there were few who didn’t even know a place like that existed.

So here’s a post to all those who think that Uzbekistan is not a place worthy of a visit. Because I’m here to prove them wrong.


If I’m being honest, I can tell you that I was quite apprehensive about traveling to Uzbekistan because I myself never thought of it as a tourist location. I did know that the country was drenched in rich history but never a tourist getaway. It definitely isn’t like the usual travel locations such as Dubai, Thailand, Singapore etc.

But let me tell you one thing, the minute I stepped foot in the country all my apprehensions just washed away as I was struck by how beautiful a place it was. And over the days I fell more in love with it.


  1. Unconventional

Because like I said it’s not like your typical travel locations. This country has a whole different feel to it. It makes you feel as if you’ve traveled back in time. This place is not about skyscrapers looming up above or the bustle in the street. The streets are surprisingly deserted, the architectures are from a whole other century.

  1. Rich history

Every little aspect of Uzbekistan has wonderful history attached to it. One of the biggest being the fact that the main routes of the Great silk road that united the east and the west passes through cities of this country.

Uzbekistan boasts of having stunning historical monuments and cities. You will also come across UNESCO world heritage sites. If visiting a heritage site is on your bucket list, add Uzbekistan to it.

  1. Travel duration. (from India)

It takes just around 3 hours from Delhi to reach Tashkent, the capital of Uzbekistan. Now that’s great news as you aren’t tired and drained when you land.

        4. Currency

The US dollar and the Indian rupee are very strong when compared to the Uzbek Som. The rates when I traveled to the country were greatly in our favor. Example: INR 1 = 124 UZS and $1 = 8000 UZS.

  1. Beautiful architecture

You will come across beautiful madrasahs, mausoleums,  minarets and mosques that are reminiscent of centuries past. The blue and emerald mosaic work will leave you awestruck.

  1. Hospitality

Uzbek people are the most genuine and hospitable people you will ever come across.  Their warm smiles will definitely make your day.

  1. Shopping

Shopping in Uzbekistan is relatively cheaper because of the differences in currency rates. Also, make sure to visit Chorsu bazaar. Uzbekistan is known for their nuts, dry fruits, vodka and carpets. And don’t forget to bring back souvenirs.

  1. Safety

When there, you don’t have to worry about being mugged or being mistreated or ending up in a horrid situation because it is considered very safe for travelers. And in general, the crime rates in Uzbekistan are very low.

  1. Their love for Indians

If you’re an Indian in Uzbekistan be prepared for the flocks of people who might come to you. Do not be alarmed, they mean no harm. Indians have a special place in their hearts. They will greet you warmly and may even ask to take pictures with you. You will also hear Bollywood hits (old and new) being played over the radio.

  1. Low rate of tourists

The tourism industry is just coming into prevalence in Uzbekistan. At the moment it is a beautiful place that is untainted by hordes of tourists. So now is the best time to go explore this relatively crowd-free country.

And I think the perfect time to visit Uzbekistan is during fall/autumn. The weather is divine. There is a nip in the air but not too uncomfortable either.

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