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Andijan "jungle" invokes

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Andijan "jungle" invokes 08.01.2018 11:33

Samarkand, Bukhara, Khiva and another five or six places will be called by each of us, answering the question of where you can go and relax in the country ... However, there are much more wonderful places for traveling and recreation. All of them are already involved and actively used, but, as a rule, by people living in this or that district. It's time to make sure that a greater number of Uzbeks can enjoy these beauties. To this end, the government and the State Committee for Tourism Development will soon take measures to further develop the tourism infrastructure of these places. And for the time being we will tell you what you should pay attention to by breaking the whole array of information into parts, by regions. So, the first material tells about the Andijan region. 

андижанский лес 1

Rest in the forest ... "This is not about Uzbekistan," many will think. However, the experts of the State Committee for Tourism Development are not in vain paying attention to the Andijan region. It is here that everything is in order to carry out the plan. Four of the five recommended by specialists places for rest of tourists in this region are in dense forests, while each has its own zest. 

андижан лес 4

Here, for example, the village of Mantak, "Tosh ota" mahalla and the village of Imomota of Khojabad region. These wooded places will be interesting for those who are interested in pilgrimage tourism. Travel promises to be filled with stories about the numerous traditions and legends associated with the shrines located here. 

андижан лес 5

Historical and pilgrim tourism is developed in the "Bogishamol" recreation area in Andijan region. This point is chosen and lovers of extreme and thrill: here all the splendor of the forests can be viewed from the funicular, located at an altitude of 350 m from the ground.

андижан лес 7

For those who want to give their trip through the forests the acuteness of the sensations from a series of gastronomic, agrotourism and ecotourism, it is worth paying attention to the Bulaqbashi district and its recreation area in the village of Shirmonbuloq. Here you are sure to be offered a legendary Andijan pilaf from a special brownish rice variety - devzira and other dishes prepared according to a special recipe. 

андижан лес 3 (плов из девзира)

Travel with a similar content, but without a forest, perhaps if you go to Balykchi district and its resorts in the villages of Balykchi - "Kul" mahalla, Guliston - "Mirzaboshichek" mahalla. 

андижан лес 2

Fans of ecotourism and health tourism and the same forest will be interested in "Hontog" and "Pozilmonota" recreation areas of Khanabad region. These places are famous for rare tree species and centuries-old national crafts. 

андижан лес 6

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Photo by Riya Kalokairi