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Olivier Korthals Altes 26.02.2018 11:19
Exploring Central Asia and visiting Uzbekistan was one of my biggest wishes during my study exchange semester in Almaty, Kazakhstan. Thanks to all efforts and care from Nodira and her crew of Luxury Asia, my wish became true. While Luxury Asia arranged the LOI and the local guides for me (who all spoke English well!), I arranged the accommodation and transport myself. In this way, I always had support and guidance, whilst maintaining some independence to explore and travel in Uzbekistan on my own. Overall, I liked this travel agency very much for its services, their state of readiness to respond to your messages and the flexibility to create your own journey, regarding the time and locations you want to visit in Uzbekistan.

Yet, I didn't inform myself enough on currency problems in Uzbekistan and in most cases I wasn't able to withdraw money. Nevertheless, Nodira had been able to keep contact and find solutions through the week. I strongly would recommend for future travellers to bring more than enough cash in USD, as you shouldn't rely on the cash machines (yet). Dear Nodira and the rest of your crew of Luxury Asia, thank you again! I will forward your travel agency to my friends and other people interested to explore Uzbekistan.

Hani from Malaysia 17.02.2018 19:40
Honestly, we couldn't have survived Uzbekistan without Luxury Asia. Although it's a small set-up of just 3 ladies - Yulduz, Madina and the dynamite of the team, Nodira - they were available (almost) around the clock to make sure we were taken care of. All we asked for was help to book train tickets but we got so much more in return - they became our Google translate when we had problems communicating with locals, brought armful of medicines to our hotel when we fell sick, took the trouble to speak to the hotel staff on our behalf when there were miscommucations about our arrangements. These people are genuinely caring, true professionals and exemplary ambassadors of Uzbekistan!

Jeanette from Sweden 23.01.2018 01:28
I will highly recommend Luxury Asia as your contact and travel agency when you wish to visit Uzbekistan. Nodira was always positive and very helpful whatever our needs were. Because of her genuine interest in people and her own understanding of the western culture, she was a perfect guide into the Uzbek culture and life. I would warmly recommende her and Luxury Asia to anyone whether you look for help with visa applications or a fully planned travel agenda. Thanks and hope to see you again :)

Maxime 10.01.2018 10:17
在我2017年三月去烏茲別克時,亞豪旅行社(Luxury Asia)幫我辦邀請函。先不說他們的邀請函比起其他大旅行社便宜很多、辦得又快,Nodira主任還非常熱心地給我各種建議及協助,甚至不辭辛勞跑到薩瑪爾干跟我碰面,遠遠超過我的預期。Nodira與薩瑪爾干的導遊Anvar還特地帶我去吃了當地最強的抓飯餐廳,至今還念念不忘。非常推薦大家!

Luxury Asia helped me with my invitation for my last trip to Uzbekistan in March, 2017. Asides from the great price they offered and how fast they did it, what touched me is that Nodira, the director of LA, does care about your experience there and gave me all the necessary reminders and helps. She even came all the way from Tashkent to meet me in Samarkand, where she and Anvar, a nice local guide, treated me one of the best plov in town. Great thanks to you guys and definitely will visit you again! Cheerio!

Maxime from Taiwan

Penny from Australia (via Hong Kong 01.01.2018 10:35
This may be the world's finest travel agency. Never before have I experienced such kindness and consideration -- and complete professionalism -- from such an engaging team, and in such a beautiful country. Special thanks to Nodira, whose thoughtfulness in introducing me to a complex and delightful culture, and ensuring my every comfort at every stop, was outstanding and very much appreciated. All budgets catered to. Cannot recommend highly enough!

Dat Nguyen 04.12.2017 10:38
Nodira not only helped me with my visa but also made sure my trip in Uzbekistan went as smoothly as possible. She and her team helped me out with everything from SIM cards to train tickets and went above and beyond to introduce me to Uzbek culture, arts, and cuisine. I have done a lot of travelling, but Uzbekistan is one of my favourite countries in the world thanks in no small part to Nodira and her team at Luxury Asia. Highly recommended.

Dat from Vietnam

Chen 30.11.2017 18:20
Nodira and her team at Luxury Asia went above and beyond to make sure that my trip to Uzbekisan was pleasant, smooth, and enjoyable. Luxury Asia helped me obtain my LOI and buy train tickets. In addition, they offered invaluable advice throughout the visa process and my three weeks in Uzbekistan. I recommend them for their flexibility, hardwork and professionalism; even more so for their hospitality. I would recommend Luxury Asia without hesitation! And thank you for everything!

Chen from Canada

Erica Escalona 21.11.2017 12:13
Nodira and her team are the most professional , kind and helpfull staff ever , they took care of me during my 3 weeks in Uzbekistan , making me feel at home and giving me very useful information , the Lol service was supper easy and quick and that made my visa proceed the easiest ( just took me 2 hrs to get my visa at the consulate ) I highly recommend Luxury Asia, people working hear is the kind of people you can trust blindfolded.
Thanks for everything Nodira

Erica from Mexico

Eliza Wong 13.11.2017 10:52
I highly recommend to contract Luxury Asia. They are professional and always with a quick response. Nodira she is very reliable person, a good travel consultant in Uzbekistan.

Eliza from Hong Kong

Nick Chung 06.11.2017 00:57
We got some problem when we try to get the LOI to visit Uzbekistan in the beginning with another travel agency but we are lucky that we found Luxury Asia.
They help us to get LOI very quickly and very kindly to help us when we get trouble during the time in Uzbekistan.I will suggest my friend to visit Uzbekistan, Of course with Luxury Asia's service.

Nick from Taiwan

Sarah 05.11.2017 20:25
Before travelling to Uzbekistan I debated wether to use the service of a travel agency. But after sending a couple of emails back and forth with Nodira I was confident that Luxury Asia was the best choice. And indeed it was, their service and guidance throughout my journey was outstanding. I guess it is rare that you can find such a highly motivated, professional team that is willing to put so much personal energy into making your experience in Uzbekistan a unique and personalized one.
My trip was rather demanding, covering 24 days and packed with many different activities. Thanks to Nodira and her team it was a wonderful experience. They organized all accomodation, lots of activities and almost all transportation between locations. Since Nodira was always in touch and quick to solve a problem if one should arise so I felt very safe and at home. A big THANK YOU - you're an awsome team!

Sarah from Germany

Andrzej 02.11.2017 20:07
I recommend contacting Nodira in Luxury Asia to arrange the visa formalities. In April this year my experience was great and I won't hesitate to contact her again if I go to Uzbekistan, because she's a reliable person.

Andrzej from Poland

Rafi Bashir 29.10.2017 01:36
I traveled twice to Uzbekistan and both times I used the services of Luxury Asia. They helped me with letter of invitation (LOI), hotel accommodation and more. When ever I needed something I asked them and they were quick to respond. Nodira was my contact person at Luxury Asia, she is very professional woman and speaks English very well. With Luxury Asia I got all the help that I need as a traveler, I strongly recommend them. I give them 5/5.

Rafi from Canada

Jenny Lau 27.10.2017 21:25
Luxury Asia is the best Travel Agency in Uzbekistan. Nodira is a considerate person. When we travel, she helped us to solve a lot of problem. We strongly recommended.

Jenny from Hong Kong

Ilya (Columbia University, New York) 10.10.2017 17:17
All rewiews you can read here: http://en.luxuryasia.uz/photogallery/album/feedback

Masaaki 10.01.2017 16:57
When I came out of the airport, the driver didn’t arrive. So, I had to wait for him for more than 20 minutes.
During our trip the domestic flight changed its destination. But Nodira arranged a transfer quickly, so we could catch up with our schedule!

Masaaki from Japan

Chee Seng (Singapore) 09.01.2017 11:31
For pick-up service at Tashkent airport, it is better for the driver to arrive earlier. I was worried when I came out of the airport and couldn’t find the driver.
Nodira gave us a lot of help and useful information during our trip. Our guides Mahmudjon in Khiva and Anvar in Bukhara/Samarkand were knowledge and gave informative explanation of the places we visited. Anvar also has a sense of humor and told jokes along the way. Thank you all for making our trip a memorable and enjoyable one.

Andreas and Jennifer 18.10.2016 17:14
On all levels and in all matters concerned, the staff of Luxury Asia showed a commitment that was truly exemplary. We experienced their staff as exceptionally competent and committed, and clearly making a great effort to make us feel welcome and well taken care of.
As we were greatly satisfied with the service we received, it is hard to think how this service can be improved. The only hint that we can give is that the sort of eco-tourism we did at the Nuratau area will probably be a good tourist magnet, as many people we know would be willing to add even just a few days of this to their Uzbekistan trip.
We hope that with the recent developments in Uzbekistan and the great changes that may happen in the future, your company will prosper and continue to give its high level of support to the many travelers coming after us. Uzbekistan has so much to offer to the tourist, and I am certain that in the future, tourism in Uzbekistan will expand steadily. And if people are aware of the great job that your company does, I am certain tourism will grow even faster. We will definitely recommend Luxury Asia to anyone who considers going to Uzbekistan.

Good luck, and thank you very much again!

Andreas & Jennifer from Germany & Canada

Tamara 06.07.2016 18:53
We recently returned from our trip to Uzbekistan handled by Luxury Asia and I would like to say we are very happy about this tour. We visited Tashkent, Samarkand and Bukhara, and the agency helped us with the planning budget and itinerary, visas, hotels, transfers and excursion program.

From very beginning all the agents working there were extremely professional and friendly. We were feeling completely taken care of throughout our staying there. The trip was really enjoyable and we are looking forward to visit this beautiful country again.
Thank you!

Tamara Ostanina (Singapore, Kazakhstan)

Ishan 28.06.2016 04:34
We received a very warm and friendly welcome. The cars provided for every transfer were spacious, comfortable and cool. All the service provides were genuinely friendly.
I’d suggest some less important attractions may be made optional at the start of each day’s excursion, for the group to decide.
You have an excellent team, which is happy and friendly while doing their job. Please continue with the warm service and high quality standards that you have set for yourself. All the best in the future and may your business prosper. You give Uzbekistan a good name!

Ishan Bhanu (Singapore, India)

Wilson 19.06.2016 19:22
The staffs are very friendly and they are very knowledgeable. They shared a lot about Uzbekistan.
The tour itinerary would be perfect if it can include some nature landscape.
I wish more tourist would come to Uzbekistan and Luxury Asia would be able to expand and show more people about the rich and beautiful places and culture of Uzbekistan.

Wilson Seah from Singapore

Chris 18.06.2016 08:20
I am happy with the service.
I wish success to Luxury Asia travel agency!

Chris Ong from Singapore

Tingting 17.06.2016 14:40
Hope Luxury Asia will become one of the top tour agents in Uzbekistan but maintain reasonably priced itineraries.

Tingting See from Singapore

Elicia 23.05.2016 22:29
1. Including a note behind meals as to whether they were included and where they will be provided.
2. Sharing the itinerary with the driver
Suggestions for yurt camp:
1. Tour of facilities from manager on arrival.
2. Provide cultural background and explain about yurt, how they are built, why they are used etc.
3. Make sure a manager is always on site and quiet hours are visible
4. English speaking guide for the camel trekking that can explain about the ecosystem

Overall things were great. The driver was good as was the guide in Nurata.
Having the phone access was nice, but maybe instead of the phone just provide a SIM card and allow people to put their own credit, or help purchase a sim and data as after Samarkand the Internet became poor and it would have been useful to have data.
As gauge your clients, ones who have a more extensive trip booked from you probably need the interaction and daily check ups, other like us need less. I think you guys do a great job and were very helpful at helping organize things.
Please remember that those comments were just our ideas for improvement and that overall we were very pleased with the service provided.
The lunch and dessert was greatly appreciated and we very much appreciated the effort in finding and sorting out the small issue we had. That small issue definitely didn't ruin our experience, we still very much enjoyed the trip and your help in everything.
Thanks again.

Elicia from Canada

Maartje 17.05.2016 00:26
I think all communication was great with you guys, apart from the small program for the yurt camp. As my friend Elicia suggested, please, behind each meal or activity write in brackets (included in price or not included in price).

Also, an English speaking guide for the camel tour would be great. It would be so interesting to learn about the desert and the people (and animals) who live there.

I think the camp manager, the woman, could be a bit friendlier and more hospitable towards her guests. She offered us tea, then took off and we never saw her (or the tea) again. She didn't show us around the campsite, she didn't go through the program with us.
Also leaving someone behind who speaks decent English to be in charge during her absence. A rule about "quiet time from 22.00hrs on" would be very normal (it is on campsites all over the world).

For me that was very expensive, with a minimum 'fun' experience ;-(

Maartje from Netherlands

Millie 01.02.2016 17:21
The staff made my travel to and through Uzbekistan smooth and effortless. The hotel they chose for me was very accommodating of my wishes. Please thank them for me.
I wish you continued success! Uzbekistan is an amazingly beautiful country and its people are truly friendly.

Mildred from USA




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